In 2006 I received a grant to produce a two-day international symposium with twenty-four remarkable scholars from fields as diverse as neuroscience and Sanskrit literature. The event was convened in the historic Low Rotunda of Columbia University in order to discuss the "problem of consciousness." As project director I composed the original grant proposal, selected the participants, directed the development of all media related to the event, and managed the budget.

This event was hosted by The Columbia Center for the Study of Science and Religion with financial support from The Fetzer Institute.

Keynote Speaker I: Owen Flanagan (philosophy)

Keynote Speaker II: B. Alan Wallace (Buddhism)

Ned Block, Ph.D. (philosophy)
Susan Carey, Ph.D. (philosophy)
Georges B. J. Dreyfus, Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Jay Garfield, Ph.D. (philosophy)
Piet Hut, Ph.D. (physics)
Geshe Thubten Jinpa, Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Joseph LeDoux, Ph.D. (neuroscience)
Joseph Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D. (psychology)
Stephen H. Phillips, Ph.D. (Hinduism)
Robert Pollack, Ph.D. (biology)
W. Teed Rockwell, Ph.D. (philosophy)
Mark Siderits, Ph.D. (philosophy)
Evan Thompson, Ph.D. (philosophy)
Robert A. F. Thurman, Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Gary Tubb Ph.D. (Sanskrit)
Robert Van Gulick, Ph.D. (philosophy)
William Waldron, Ph.D. (Buddhism)

Conference Director:
Christopher Kelley M.A. (Buddhism)

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