In 2011 I won a grant from The John Templeton Foundation in the amount of $93,610 to produce a conference on Buddhist ethics. This event has been hailed as the first academic conference solely devoted to the topic of Buddhist ethics.  A published volume of the conference papers (including one from myself and my partner Jake Davis Ph. D.) is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

Keynote Speaker I: Damien Keown Ph.D. (Buddhism)

Keynote Speaker II: Walter Sinnott-Armstrong Ph.D. (philosophy)

Plenary Address:
Karl H. Potter Ph.D. (philosophy)

Willoughby Britton Ph.D. (neuroscience)
Barbra Clayton Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Christian Coseru Ph.D. (philosophy)
Georges Dreyfus Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Owen Flanagan Ph.D. (philosophy)
Jonathan Gold Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Charles Goodman Ph.D. (philosophy)
Christopher Gowans Ph.D. (philosophy)
William Grassie (Metanexus Institute)
Charles Hallisey Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Sallie King Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Matthew Kapstein Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Sara McClintock Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Andrew Olendzki (Barre Center for Buddhist Studies)
Jin Y. Park Ph.D. (philosophy)
David Pizarro Ph.D. (psychology)
Graham Priest Ph.D. (philosophy)
Jesse Prinz Ph.D. (philosophy)
Christopher Queen Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Riccardo Repetti Ph.D. (philosophy)
Mark Siderits Ph.D. (philosophy)
Barry Schwartz Ph.D. (philosophy)
Evan Thompson Ph.D. (philosophy)
Lynne Tirrell Ph.D. (philosophy)
Robert Thurman Ph.D. (Buddhism)
Rev. Karma Lekshe Tsomo (Buddhism)
Jan Westerhoff Ph.D. (Buddhism)

Associate Director:
Jake Davis M.A. (philosophy)

Conference director:
Christopher Kelley M.A. (Buddhism)

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