I first began teaching as a student at Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS). I had the privilege to serve as a teaching assistant to the following Professors: Dr. Robert Thurman (Buddhism), Dr. Jack Hawley (Hinduism), Dr. Randall Balmer (American religion), Dr. Peter Awn (Islam), and Dr. Chün-fang Yü (Chinese religion). After receiving my M.Phil, I became a Preceptor in Columbia College's Core Curriculum Program and taught Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy to first-year undergraduate students. At the same time I also started teaching at Lang College, The School University where I have had the opportunity to not only teach, but to also design my own unique interdisciplinary courses such as "Buddhism and Cognitive Science" and "Buddhism and Human Rights."  I am currently Adjunct Assistant Professor in the philosophy department at Brooklyn College (CUNY).

I have presented academic papers at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), The American Philosophical Association (APA), The International Symposia for Contemplative Studies, The Annual Meeting of Comparative & Continental Philosophy, Annual Meeting of the Society for Asian & Comparative Philosophy, as well as host of graduate student conferences. I have been invited to give several public lectures and workshops at The Rubin Museum of Art in NYC, The Asia Society in Houston, TX., The Wang Center at Stonybrook University, and various other venues in and around New York City.